Pokémon GO Tricks: How to Reach Over 126,000 XP On One Lucky Egg

Pokémon GO Tricks: How to Reach Over 126,000 XP On One Lucky Egg

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Getting fast XP points can be extremely cumbersome once you reach higher levels.  Many trainers find it tedious to grind that experience just by doing the basic things.

Now there is supposedly a way to get fast experience off one lucky egg.  There have been previous tips and tricks that outlined how to do this, but this one is a little different.  Omnipeasant on Reddit explains with a step by step process:

The trick here is to do the following:

  1. “Favorite” all of the Pokemon you plan on evolving
  2. Sort your Pokemon by “Favorite”
  3. Be somewhere with good WIFI reception
  4. Throw down your lucky egg
  5. Evolve 1st Pokemon, and then immediately “Force-Quit” your app.
  6. Immediately re-open your app.
  7. Continue on and on

Doing all of this DRAMATICALLY reduces the time wasted on the evolve animation. Once you quit your app. and re-open it, the Pokemon has been fully evolved in a major fraction of the time.

Right now, I’m typically in the range of being able to evolve 4-5 Pokemon/minute. I underestimated the # of Pokemon I should have available to evolve, I think it wouldn’t be impossible to achieve up to 145-150k on an egg if fully prepared and stocked up w/no reception issues.

This is what his result ended up being after executing this multiple times:



Let us know in the comments your experience using this method and if it works or not.

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