Pokémon Go Update: How Distance Tracking Changed

Pokémon Go Update: How Distance Tracking Changed

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Distance tracking has never been perfect for Pokémon Go and most players know the feeling of walking for miles then looking at your egg and realizing that it only tracked about half of your trek. If you’ve ever experienced that heart-wrenching feeling, now you’re in luck because it appears that everything has changed. Apparently when the update dropped, the distance tracking improved a lot.

Some writers at Pokemon Go Hub did a test of the tracking system. Here’s the story behind it:

“We always use the same route for hatching eggs and evening walks with kids and friends. The route follows the cost, goes through the old city center of Kaštela, Croatia and has quite a few narrow streets and sharp turns along the way.

Usually, we manage to track 9.5 – 11 kilometers per night, even though the real distance is around 18 kilometers. We usually lose a lot of KMs due to narrow streets, lots of corners and sketchy GPS coverage.

Yesterday, we managed to track 13-14 kilometers. The average tracked distance was 13.676 KMs – insanely good for the route!”

Here’s what they found:

  • Overall, we recorded a significant improvement (15%-20%) in tracked distance
  • The tracker behaves as it used to when moving straight – lazy to update the distance if no turns are made
  • The tracker updates more frequently than before
  • Taking turns and moving through random streets in random direction no longer loses distance (at least not a lot)
  • Taking turns and navigating perpendicular streets rewarded more distance than before
  • The maximum tracking speed remained unchanged – around 10.5 km/h
  • GPS loss does not penalise tracking as harsh as it used to
  • The penalty for when you hit Passenger limit is more strict and tends to reward zero or low amount of previous kilometers
  • Buddy kilometers are synced with egg kilometers, but the rounding seems different

Now that the game not only tracks your distance for eggs but also for your buddies, distance tracking is a huge part of the game. I, for one, have definitely noticed a difference and I am glad to find that this information has been verified. Maybe the reason why Niantic took so long releasing the last update was because they were still perfecting the tracking system. If that’s the case, it was well worth the wait!

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