Pokémon GO Update: New Buddy System Is Just Around the Corner

Pokémon GO Update: New Buddy System Is Just Around the Corner

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Since the past few updates have rolled out every two weeks on either a Monday or a Tuesday, when this past week came and went, there were many who were disappointed. Where is the new update that Niantic promised? This one is supposed to be the best one yet! The appraisal feature was not something that anyone was very excited about but the idea of being able to carry your Pokémon alongside you and earn stardust along the way has gotten everyone refreshing the app store hoping for it to pop up.

So where is it?

It is very possible that Niantic is still testing the “Buddy System” before they roll it out. They announced the feature last week after a data mine revealed the system would soon be implemented. They may have been pressured to reveal the upcoming feature because of the leaked data from the source codes. Sure we thought we’d get the update this week but let’s not forget that Monday was a U.S. holiday which means this week might not count as far as Niantic is concerned.

Another theory is that Niantic has just been too busy handling the news of the Pokémon Go Plus which is hitting shelves next week or the news of the Pokémon Go app coming to the Apple Watch. This week has been full of Pokémon Go news—just not the news we were hoping for.

According to Heavy:

“It’s also possible that the company has just been busy with their Apple presentation and with Pokémon Go PlusOver the past week, Niantic CEO John Hanke appeared at Apple’s keynote to announce a Pokémon Go app for Apple Watch, and the release date of Pokémon Go Plus was revealed shortly after. Niantic is an incredibly small team, consisting of fewer than 50 employees according to its LinkedIn page, so this has all been quite a bit for them to handle.”

That’s right, Niantic only consists of 50 employees so we can’t be too upset about this. They probably have their hands pretty full at this point.

If you don’t know about the Buddy System, it is pretty simple but it’s going to bring a lot more daily activity to the game. Players can assign one Pokémon as a buddy and it will appear next to the avatar of the player. These Pokémon will earn extra stardust for walking a certain distance with their trainer.

Let’s hope we’ll get our buddies this Monday!

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