Pokémon Go Update Reveals Legendary Pokémon Are Coming Soon

Pokémon Go Update Reveals Legendary Pokémon Are Coming Soon

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The new year is here and that means tons of new Pokemon Go features are just around the corner. According to some new reports, the next big update may involve the release of legendary birds.

In a report from SlashGear, legendary birds will be released this spring:

“Since the dawn of Pokemon GO, Niantic has been speculating about when they’ll release their biggest and best Pokemon from Generation 1. Legendary Pokemon are few and far between in the first generation, centering on the tail end of the series – in count and in publication. The first three Legendary Pokemon, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are scheduled for release in the year 2017, and an exact date is still being picked from a set of just a few.”


According to Mic, Niantic has loads of new features for this year:

“The New Year’s event is only supposed to increase spawn rates for the starter Pokémon — Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and their evolutions — and double the time Lure Modules last, but Niantic seems to like surprising players with new, unexpected features. Releasing the frosty ice-type Pokémon Articuno during the coldest time of year, at least in some parts of the world, also makes thematic sense.

This is pure speculation on our part, but it would be an appropriately high-stakes move to require Pokémon Go players to come together and do some work to get the legendary birds. Of course, that’s also likely to put players outside of big cities at an even bigger disadvantage than they already are.

If we do, indeed, see the addition of legendary Pokémon like Articuno to Pokémon Go in 2017, it seems reasonable Niantic would release them alongside some kind of spectacle.”

Eurogamer has already reported that the legendary birds along with Mew and Mewtwo are already in the game thanks to a recent data mine:

“Their absence in the game so far has led to questions of where – and when – they will appear. While it’s still possible they could be found in the wild at a high enough Trainer level, one of these Legendary Pokémon – Mewtwo – was the focus of one of the game’s first trailers, showing crowds of people teaming up to fight it, whittling down its health as a timer ticks down before capturing the Pokémon in a packed Times Square, suggesting that Mewtwo and other Legendaries could be unlocked through public events rather than random encounters.

Other datamining efforts have revealed not only the stats of each Legendary Pokémon – showing they are among the Best Pokémon in Pokémon Go, with Mewtwo having a staggering base attack of 284 against the current highest Dragonite with 250 – and that they also have no capture rate at all.

This suggests that they will be captured differently to other creatures in the game. If we use the trailer as a basis for how it could work, it might mean you’ll get the Legendary automatically after you complete a certain task, such as everyone lowering their HP in a public space.

This is all certainly in developer Niantic’s wheelhouse, as its previous game Ingress – on which Pokémon Go’s map data is based on – has hosted special events range named ‘Anomalies’, which has teams compete over specific locations across the globe over the course of several weeks.”


We still don’t know exactly when they will be released but it seems very likely that players will be able to obtain the legendary birds in the next few months. Also according to Niantic CEO John Hanke has already revealed that new Pokemon will be arriving soon along with some great new features like trading and player vs. player battles. With all of these new features and new Pokemon coming to the game, 2017 is going to be a great year.


  • Bull Daggin

    Unfortunately, not a single soul on planet Earth cares anymore. Niantic absolutely butchered the release of this game.

    • Francisco Portillo

      speak for yourself.

      • Bull Daggin

        Nah, I think it’s safe to speak for everybody.

        • nope

        • Watwatwat


        • Stacy Porter

          nope. not safe at all for you to ever speak for anyone other than yourself.

        • Francisco Portillo


  • Mike Vandenberg

    Picture is fake and very clearly photoshopped. Zapdos is of an Electabuzz, Articuno is a Shellder, and Moltres is a Vulpix. Didn’t bother changing movesets, didn’t fix obvious size stats, didn’t change the candies, didn’t get the typing correct, didn’t remove the EVOLVE buttons. Don’t resort to clickbait titles and banners to get readers. This stuff has been known for ages from datamining.

    • Sam A. A. Young

      Yeah, and the second image is photoshopped too. I doubt they all got in a car to head-bob. Of course they photoshopped it. They don’t have images of the actual screens yet, so they created a rough image of what it will look like. The image isn’t claimed to be real. Even the headline says “coming soon”.

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