Pokémon Trainers Claim to Have Found Articuno and Moltres With Video Proof and Screenshots

Pokémon Trainers Claim to Have Found Articuno and Moltres With Video Proof and Screenshots

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Articuno and Moltres are legendary birds that supposedly have not been released yet, but these Pokémon Trainers are claiming they found one with convincing video and screenshot evidence. These Pokémon are extremely rare and most trainers can only dream to get their hands on one.

The first incident was an Articuno who a trainer claims to have found with with this video evidence:

The next was a trainer who claimed to have captured a Moltres with this also very convincing screen shot from facebook:


Do you believe these are real? Let us know in the comments below. We believe they are, it would be extremely hard to spoof these.

  • Megan Bryant

    I don’t believe it, because NO ONE has 144,551 unused Stardust in the inventory. AND if they really caught one, they would have been given 3 Moltres Candies, and this person has 0. Hoax.

    • Azukus

      Most people have that much in the inventory. They could’ve used candy to power up! Most people don’t use stardust at all.

      • The High School Student

        It says it takes 2 candies to power up milters. They’d have 1 left over

      • Chaz Hagerdon

        It takes both dust AND candies to power up, not one or the other. And it always takes at least 2 candies, so it’s not possible to have zero left over if they caught one as you always get 3 from catching.

        • Syko

          No, it does not always take 2 candies. It can take 1, 2 or 3 candies depending on the CP. It’s possible that the first upgrade took 1 candy and the second took 2.

        • Syko

          No, it does not always take 2 candies to power up. It can take 1, 2, or 3 depending on the CP.

          • Chaz Hagerdon

            I’ve never seen it take only one, but even if it did stardust costs go up every 4 upgrades, candies go up every 10 so he would’ve needed ten candies to upgrade it to 2 if he caught it and it only needed one to start with.

            Either way, fake.

          • Syko

            There’s been an official statement from Niantic. The legendary Pokémon weren’t fake, but they were given out due to an error and have now been taken back.

      • michaelfillier

        Getting one Moltres would garner 3 candy. Powering up costs 2 at that level. So, at the very least, they would have 1 remaining if they had powered up once. BUSTED! At least the Articundo people got the candy right.

        • Vinnie Frank

          i mean i’ve gotten 6 candy for capturing a new pokemon before

      • Colleen M Crowley

        You are dead wrong. You only use Candy to Evolve but you use Candy and Stardust to Power up

  • CharmingRogue

    Client-sided hacks ftw!

    It works like this:
    Every pokemon has a “ID#” registered to them in the code.
    for example purposes we will say Ratata’s are “ID45”. What the program can do is in YOUR game, You can have it where: Anytime the game sends you the line of code displaying “ID45”, your phone will instead display “ID144” (which for just an example purpose) we will call Articuno’s ID.
    So no matter where (gym, wild, anything). Anytime the server will send you “ID45”, Your own personal client on your phone, will display “ID144” Instead.

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  • Booboo

    It’s not real cuz earlier today some one caught a mr.mime and it was at 176 cp they where saying oh we hacked the system to get it smh

  • kevin Kjørmo

    To get the Legendary birds u gotta claim Feathers from Pokestops (wich is 3 and are RARE to get). when u get 1 feather u deliver it to the pokegym that you are controlling(Team Valor, instinct or Mystic). When u got all 3 of them, u will recive the legendary of your Team, And this will appear in the next big patch they are gonna make. (You are also allowed to change team once last time before the patch comes, so u cant get any other birds) And all the birds will start with CP 1500 🙂

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