Real Estate Brokers Are Now Using PokéStops to Sell Apartments

Real Estate Brokers Are Now Using PokéStops to Sell Apartments

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Pokémon GO has taken the internet by storm and it is starting to effect people’s daily lives more and more as the game goes viral.  Now, it has hit the reality market by providing a way for real estate brokers to sell apartments.

Apparently, these brokers have been advertising PokéStops near the apartments on Craigslist which make it a more appealing destination for some candidates.  A listing looks similar to this:


It is starting to do pretty well and these PokéStops have played an integral part in buyers choosing a spot.  Andre Savocchi of Manhattan Realty Group is one of the ingenious brokers who has started marketing his listings with the power of Pokémon.

“I did it as a gag to grab people’s attention, to stand out and be different,” he told the Daily Dot. “I’m glad I’ve gotten a positive response to it.”

“I had somebody not take an apartment because they could only get to the PokéStop from the lobby, and that was a deal breaker, surprisingly,” he said.

He also described some of the Pokémon that have been caught there to make it extra enticing for users to want to rent the place out:


One Craigslist poster wrote:

The studio is spacious for NYC standards (~400sqft) with a huge walk in closet and plenty of storage. The location is amazing and there are lots of restaurants and bars nearby. It’s right next to the United Nations and about 7 mins walk to Grand Central. The building has a 24/7 doorman (for all the packages you’ll ever order), laundry, and an elevator. I’m looking for a minimum 3 months sublease, with a preference for 7 months.

P.S. there’s a Pokestop right next door!!

Listings are popping up everyone and it’s starting to look like a norm on Craigslist:


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