How New ‘Slingshot Method’ Will Help You Track Sightings and Catch More Pokémon

How New ‘Slingshot Method’ Will Help You Track Sightings and Catch More Pokémon

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There are plenty of ways to track Pokémon but which one is the most effective? Thanks to Reddit, we know that the Slingshot Method is the one that isn’t only the most effective but it is also the one that requires the least amount of walking.

According to Reddit user SooperNoodle, there is a new way to track Pokémon:

  • So when a sighting appears, you’ll need confirm the edge of the circle by walking back a bit. Remember this point, either in the real world, or on your map. (see 4-point yellow star on drawing)
  • Then walk back about 20 m and circle around your initial point on the edge in either direction if possible. (black arrows on zoomed in part) This does not need to be a neat circle motion or exactly 20m, so street layout doesn’t matter too much. The further away from your starting point, the more precise you’ll know the location, but it also takes more time and effort.
  • Once the sighting re-appears, you’ll have identified 2 points on the edge of the circle and the direction the center is in. This will give you a good approximation of where the Pokémon is. (3 possibilities drawn, see red stars)
  • Now the hardest part is using the 2 points you just identified and draw an imaginary perpendicular line to the center. About 200m further along that line, there’s a Pokémon waiting to be caught. 200m is about 3/4 of your screen when fully zoomed out. (See purple arrows on drawing).

Check out the visuals below:



This method worked 80% of the time during tests and if you don’t see the Pokemon right away, just keep circling around until it pops up. Good luck!

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