Statistics Show More Females Play Pokémon GO Than Males And It’s Not Even Close

Statistics Show More Females Play Pokémon GO Than Males And It’s Not Even Close

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The numbers are in and they are shocking.  Apparently more girls play Pokémon GO than males and it’s by a large margin.  Although this only depicts the type of characters in the game, (not the gender of the actual person playing the game) it does give an eye opening statistic.

Not only did the statistics go into male and female breakdown, but it also went into players by income and age:

(Graphic: Nick DeSantis/Forbes)

Niantic Labs commented saying that they would be shocked if the gender breakdown was the real breakdown, but it does make for some interesting speculation of how many males choose a female character or just how many females actually play the game.  Here is the direct excerpt that was given via Forbes:

Many more women are playing Pokémon GO than men. A lot more women.

At least that’s what mobile application data service SurveyMonkey Intelligence found in analyzing the most popular mobile game of all time. According to the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company, 63% of users in the U.S. are female, while the average user persona is a 25-year-old, white woman with a college degree making about $90,000 a year.

Niantic Labs, the makers behind Pokémon GO, did not confirm or deny those statistics, though CEO John Hanke said “he’d be surprised if that were true.” In an interview with FORBES for a recent story, he noted that his company doesn’t track that type of data on its players.

“We don’t ask for the sex of our users, so it would have to come to a third party that is correlating it with some other research or a panel,” he said. “I would love to find out if that were true.”

With that being said, this breakdown is still very interesting to see the age groups, income and gender breakdown of SurveyMonkey’s data analysis.  Hopefully we will see stats more like this in the near future.

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