This New App Will Help You Win Your Next Pokemon GO Gym Battle

This New App Will Help You Win Your Next Pokemon GO Gym Battle

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Pokemon GO Gym Battle

Winning a Pokémon Gym battle can be tough especially when you’re not sure which counter Pokémon to use. If you’re having trouble beating that Lapras at the local gym, there’s a new web app that will help.

The app is called Pokewin and it is easy to use and super effective. All you have to do is choose the Pokémon you’re going up against and it displays which Pokémon will be the most effective in battle.

According to Pokémon Go Hub,

“As the author states, fighting a Pokémon with it’s correct counter can increase your odds up by 60%. (Unless you’re up against Vaporeon, then it gets messy). To make the process of picking a counter and assembling your gym squad, Pokewin lists every possible ‘can be beaten by’ option. As far as we’re aware, the web app uses Types as preliminary filter and then applies additional math to figure out which Move is the optimal move.”

In a gym battle, fighting a Pokémon with its counter type will increase your victory chances by 60%. For example, if you’re up against a powerful Snorlax, Pokewin will show you that it can be beaten by Poliwrath or Machamp and it also includes which move is the optimal move the Pokémon needs to lead it to victory. For example, to beat a Snorlax, Poliwrath must be able to use Submission and Machamp should use Karate Chop.

What makes this app even better is that you can edit the Combat Power (CP) for each Pokémon. So if you’re up against a Rhydon with 1300 CP, just edit the CP and Pokewin will update the required CP for each counter Pokémon.

Good luck, trainers!

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