Three men STABBED After Knife Fight Breaks Out Over Pokémon Go

Three men STABBED After Knife Fight Breaks Out Over Pokémon Go

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This is starting to get ridiculous.  It seems like everyday there is someone getting violently hurt because of Pokémon GO.  This time, the violence came from Germany where a group of young adults got into an altercation over the game when one man pulled out a knife and things got ugly.

The victims were rushed to the hospital where around 30 family and friends were waiting on the victim’s condition.  According to Katie Mansfield of Express, this is just how the fight went down:

Police said three men suffered serious stab wounds and another was admitted to hospital with a facial injury.

The fight escalated when a crowd of 30 onlookers turned on the emergency services.

The gamers insulted officers and pushed them forcing the police to call in reinforcements.

A police spokeswoman: “Suddenly a suspect pulled, according to witnesses, a knife and stabbed several men.”


A picture of the bloody scene where this shameful act happened.  With so many people playing the game, it’s bound to have some violent press to go with it.

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