This Tip Will Help You Catch Faraway Pokémon

This Tip Will Help You Catch Faraway Pokémon

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There are some Pokémon that are harder to catch than others and the further away it is, the more challenging it is to trap it. So how do you catch those Dragonites, Lapras, and Slowpokes without wasting all of your Ultra Balls?

According to a Reddit user, says that the trick is to simply turn on the augmented reality (AR) button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

“Aim your phone so they are at the bottom of the screen. Then you’ll be able to reach them with a regular throw. Forgive me if this is common knowledge but I’ve been on this sub for months and never knew about this until today. I went through 30 ultra balls and 25 great balls before I tried this trick today. It totally works.”

There’s also no need to throw a curve ball when using this technique, just aim and shoot.

But what about users who don’t have AR? Another Reddit user has your answer:

“For those without AR, you can toggle it off and back on and it will recenter the Pokémon so it’s reachable. I’ve been doing that for a while and it’s had good success with catching Pokémon that are far away.”

And also if you’re trying to catch that Lapras and nothing appears to be working, there’s one more tip from fissionchips303 you can try:

“Another way to get the far away ones is to take the ball to the bottom left hand corner of the screen then throw straight up along the left edge of the screen. You can go straight more easily since the edge guides you. And if you start the throw really low (bottom left) you can really huck that thing and get the far away ones. Also for some reason when you start in the bottom left and go straight up it arcs towards the center and even gets you “Excellent” shots if timed right.”

Hopefully these tricks work for you when you find your next Rapidash. Good luck!

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