Trainer Breaks Down How He Found Dragonite Habitats in His Area

Trainer Breaks Down How He Found Dragonite Habitats in His Area

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Dragonite is one of the most sought after Pokémon and rightfully so, but these Pokémon can be extremely hard to find.  After Niantic got rid of a lot of third party websites that helped trainers track Pokémon it seemed like you had to be lucky to find one.

Sowok from Reddit was able to track down and figure out where all these Dragonites have spawned using 6 million spawns as data to find them.  He included maps and pictures to show where they were popping up.

I’ve been scanning my city for over a month and have collected 6 million spawns. With the source code for released I finally have a good way to anaylze my data. It’s great for finding nests, but also for finding habitats.

Ok tl;dr mode:

Here’s a heatmap of where Dragonite have spawned in my area:b3dFBsT

Interesting. It matches clefairy exactly.

I’m not scanning every spot on this map, so you need a point of reference. Here’s jiggly puff, who while a little more rare than Clefairy (1:2) spawns pretty evenly over my scan area:


Using the Jigglypuff map you can see where Dragonite spawn and where they don’t. A clear habitat. But is it a biome? What do all of these Dragonite areas have in common?



I’ve circled in blue the areas that are part of the Dragonite habitat. They are all at increased elevation. In red you can see areas that I do not scan, so do not show on the dragonite heatmap despite being higher elevation (you can reference the jigglypuff heatmap to see exactly what areas are not scanned)

So, a clear biome: Hills (or Mountain?) and two species that spawn more frequently there: Clefairy, Dragonite.

This is all I’ve uncovered so far, but if anyone has ideas I’d be glad to look at my heatmaps.

Props to /u/nithou for his amazing site that made this possible

I checked database and I believe I’ve confirmed this is true all across the US:

I’m going to compare to snorlax, because people care about logging snorlaxes, and because I’ve noticed snorlax tends to spawn everywhere:


Now look at Dragonite:


Especially around Florida and the gulf coast, Dragonite is almost non existant. Also sparse in the midwest,

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