Trainer Describes Method of Getting More Eggs From PokéStops

Trainer Describes Method of Getting More Eggs From PokéStops

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Getting eggs from PokéStops isn’t the most common thing in Pokémon GO, but it definitely happens from time to time.  Most trainers love getting a chance to hatch a rare Pokémon from an egg.

Getting an egg from a PokéStop seems completely random, but one trainer argues that a lured PokéStop has a much higher chance of dropping an egg.  BullsithArtist of Reddit describes his situation:

So I lured a stop earlier (not something I do very often) and spun a number of nearby stops during the lure period. In total I got 4 eggs and 2 of them were 10km eggs. I know this is too small a sample size to mean anything but got me curious if there was any data around eggs and lures. Either eggs from lured stops you lured, or just stops lured by others. Curious from a both an egg size perspective and an IV perspective.

Perhaps I’m just overthinking it but using a Lure would be an action that fits the ethos of what PoGo is trying to achieve, so maybe that’s rewarded in the form of egg distribution or IVs of the hatched ‘Mon?

Many other comments followed this thread on Reddit and some seem to agree with his claim:

I’ve noticed this as well.

But without evidence it could just be all in our heads, hopefully someone tests this.

It could definitely be in our heads, but wouldn’t it be worth it to test?  Let us know if you’ve experienced the same thing in the comments below and we will keep you posted on the verdict.

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