Trainer Explains How He Got 25 Rare and Uncommon Spawns Off a Single Incense Use

Trainer Explains How He Got 25 Rare and Uncommon Spawns Off a Single Incense Use

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Incense have been great for getting Pokémon to come to you, but it doesn’t always give you a whole lot.  A trainer by the name of Phobeef on reddit made a post that claimed he got 25 spawns of all uncommon and rare Pokémon while out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

There was an earlier report that using incense in the middle of nowhere with no roads or Pokéstops would cause more uncommon and rare Pokémon to spawn.  The only difference between that report and this report is that if you’re moving at a certain speed the spawn rate increases.

Phobeef was on a cruise ship which seem to be the perfect speed to do this at.  Here is his story and his screen shots below:

So this past weekend I took a family reunion cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico. I was on the Carnival Imagination using the cruise ship Internet ($30).

At first I didn’t know if pogo would work. For a good while it kept thinking I was at the LB pier and I was able to catch spawns like normal. Then at night, all of a sudden I was moving in the middle of the ocean and I decided to test the “rural” incense spawn.

I was worried the ship might be moving too fast, but it was PERFECT!!! The ship moved fast enough to spawn one Pokemon per minute, but not too fast that it would leash and run away.

As you can see, I caught plenty of uncommon and rare Pokemon. No ultra rares, but it was a great experience. Over the rest of the cruise I used incense 4 more times (mostly at night after the kids when to bed and I chilled catching). Best thing I caught was a Dragonair.

So book that cruise ASAP and stock up on that incense!!!

Well it might not be easy for you to just get on a cruise ship, but this should give you enough information to figure out some creative ways to get the incense to spawn more Pokémon for you and also rare and uncommon Pokémon for that matter.  Let us know you’re thoughts in the comments below.

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