Trainer Predicts Umbreon’s Stats in Pokémon GO Gen 2

Trainer Predicts Umbreon’s Stats in Pokémon GO Gen 2

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While trainers patiently await the release of Pokémon GO Gen 2, many have been speculating the Pokémon and how strong they will be.  One of the most popular Pokémon in Gen 2 is Umbreon.

Umbreon is another evolution of Eevee and usually Eevee evolutions have been pretty strong (Vaporean).  KuraiTenshi26 from Reddit broke down and calculated how strong Umbreon will be in Gen 2 and the results are astonishing:

I was curious to see what the stats of the other eeveelutions would be in Pokemon GO. Espeon looks like it will suffer from the “Jolteon syndrome” (high speed hampering its stats and low hp making it frail), but umbreon intrigued me. Using the current formulas for calculating Pokemon stats in GO, here are the results:

Stamina: 190

This is the hp pool of slowbro, exeggutor, and other high tier pokemon. An above average hp pool, but is GREATLY complimented by its incredible defence (more on this later).

Attack: 142

This is about raticate level, but umbreon can be speculated to obtain bite/feint attack, which have great dps and STAB, not to mention it’s super effective to psychics like slowbro and exeggutor. Psychic attacks will be not very effective in return, so umbreon could be a very accessible hard counter to the currently dominant psychics.

Defence: 256

THIS IS ABOVE ARTICUNO’S DEFENCE STAT, THE HIGHEST DEFENCE STAT IN GEN 1. Combined with a great hp pool and fairy being the only immediate weakness (bug and fighting are kinda shafted at the moment), it will be very difficult to wear down an umbreon. Compare this to fighting vaporeon, whose 168 defence pales to umbreon’s.

It’s important to keep in mind how accessible eevees are. Having a very farmable psychic counter will greatly shift the meta. With the rise of mareep, a potentially accessible water slayer with great stats may make shocking shifts in the meta as well. Gen 2 is the competitive variety patch that I’m looking forward to.

With Gen 2 slowly approaching release it’s going to be a huge resurgence of Pokémon GO players back at it again.  Until then, all we can do is speculate how strong these Pokémon will be.

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