Trainer Reveals Best Way to Get Pokestop Bonus

Trainer Reveals Best Way to Get Pokestop Bonus

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The 10 Pokestop bonus can be elusive especially if you live in a rural area. The bonus can only be collected by hitting ten unique Pokestops within thirty minutes. This means that you can’t hit the same few Pokestops within thirty minutes and get the bonus–they must be ten unique ones. Keep in mind, they don’t have to be consecutive, you just have to hit ten within the time limit.

Here is some information on the bonus from Reddit:

“You will get 6+ items and 100 XP from every 10th Pokéstop as long as you keep hacking a chain of different stops. You will also get an egg if you have an empty slot available. This not a hack or against TOS. It is simply an observed pattern of hacking.”

This goal can be difficult to reach since there can be an obstacle in your way, namely the dreaded “Bag Full” notification. This obstacle can be avoided according to Reddit user BobbleMoff57:

“On my ride in to work I can hit anywhere from 30-40 unique stops. Obviously this fills my bag up pretty quick. Today, i got a 10th hit bag bonus, and then the next stop I hit my inventory limit with 9 more stops left in my route. I didn’t feel like cleaning anything out, but i always continue to spin the stops i pass for that sweet sweet 50 XP (#AllXPMatters)

As I got closer to work, I caught a caterpie and a magikarp, allowing me to get items from stops #9 and 10. When I did, i received 7 items from the 10th stop, even though my journal only has record of me hitting 3, since stops that give you the “bag full” message aren’t counted.”

Essentially, if you don’t get items from a Pokestop because your bag is full, you can still get the bonus, however, that specific Pokestop won’t count towards your ten unique Pokestops. However, as long as you clear out your bag before you hit the tenth spin, you’ll still get the extra bonus items. Also, if your bag is full on the tenth spin, you will not get the items but you will still get the extra XP bonus.

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