Trainer Tells How He Gets Better Pokémon Out of Lure

Trainer Tells How He Gets Better Pokémon Out of Lure

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A lot of times trainers use Lures in order to attract Pokémon, but many complain that it’s always Pidgeys and Rattatas that appear.  It would be nice to have different Pokémon appear more often to keep it interesting.

A trainer on Reddit, Holli25, describes his experience dropping Lures in different places which cause different Pokémon to spawn.  He specifically describes dropping the lure near the river which causes more water Pokémon to spawn:

A friend of mine told me about a Pokestop near his home, which he can reach from his flat. If he uses a lure from his flat, he gets a lot of common Pokemon spawns like Weedle and Pidgey. If however he uses a lure on the same Pokestop while standing outside of his flat and nearer to a nearby river, he gets all water Pokemon spawns like Psyduck and Magikarp (2 Psyduck, 3 Poliwag, 2 Magikarp, 1 Goldeen, 1 Staryu).

This Pokestop seems to lie on the edge of two biomes, water and “standard”, as there is a nearby river. This would mean, that the spawns from a Pokestop depends on your position in a biome and not the Pokestop’s position in a biome. Can anyone prove or debunk this theory? It might not be the most helpful knowledge to have but interesting nonetheless.

Other trainers have confirmed this in Reddit, though it’s not 100% consistent for everyone, this trainer commented on his experience as well:

This has happened to me once, I went to the park and someone had lured up a stop that spawned nothing but water pokemon.

I came back the next day to lure it and I got nothing but pidgey, weedle, etc.

I used my lure right on top of the stop but I 100% remember seeing a person sitting on the bench by the little pond swiping their phone (I always try to figure out who placed a lure) that still would have been in range of the stop.

I can’t get back to that stop (I was on vacation) but maybe you and your friend could keep testing that one to find anything more definitive.

If lures matter where they are placed you can expect trainers will be very wary of where they drop one.  Try it out and let us know in the comments if it has any effect for you.

  • kevin Kjørmo

    I dont think it matters, Ive allready tested that, me and 4 other friends put a pokelure, still got the same pokemons where ever we was standing. Like a big circle around the pokestop.

    But it might be true aswell, Cuz Some pokestops are placed diffrent from others, So I have no clue if its wrong or true, or maybe both.

  • Tom Hall

    I live on the coast and there’s a double lure spot at the beach I hit everyday. While I do get many water types I do get a few growlthies and ponytas as well, along with a small handful of pidgys and caterpies. Also get at least one rare per hour.

    I have noticed that pokestops that are on a memorial spawn better more diverse pokemon

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