Trainers Reveal Truth Behind Nocturnal Nests in Pokémon GO

Trainers Reveal Truth Behind Nocturnal Nests in Pokémon GO

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Nests have been recently changing and everyone who is still playing Pokémon GO is trying to take advantage of the nest changes in hopes to evolve a certain Pokémon.  Nests have been a nice little surprise that has made the game interesting throughout it’s duration.

According to Reddit, there has been an increasing supported theory that some nests have a much higher spawn rate when it turns night time.  This isn’t only one nest, there have been several reports that players are starting to see certain Pokémon only spawn at night time:

I haven’t seen anything on here about the time of day for specific spawns and wanted to share something kinda cool.

The park next to my house has a bulbasaur nest, that only activates when the pogo app goes into night mode. So its a nocturnal nest! Kinda nifty! The BulbaBros spawn @~X:48 every hour once night mode is activated. 🙂

[Edit] Decided to start a list of coords for Nocturnal Nests for other people to check out if they need. If you guys drop yours in I’ll add em to the list so we can get it verified faster

35.40935692224395,-119.1200351715088 bulbasaur spawn at night

Similar to my kabuto nest, it’s rarely spawns during the day but as soon as night time hits on the app, I think around 7 pm they spawn a lot more frequently 6-7 per hour compared to the 1-2 every few hours during the day

A Charmander nest close to my work seems to have siesta from noon until 5pm. Spawning no, or very few Charmanders during those hours.

Ironicially, the Kabuto nest near me is the opposite.

This adds an entire new dynamic to spawn hunting because now trainers can hunt Pokémon at night to see if there are any better nests than the ones they see during the day.  It also will help trainers find a more diverse set of Pokémon in their area.

Nests are huge and they are starting to become more complex in the way they spawn Pokémon and how often the nests change.  Niantic is taking the next steps to making the game more fun, but it has become increasingly obvious they need to add battling and trading to improve the end game.

Let us know in the comments below if you experience any nocturnal nests.

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