Trainers Upset After Recent Nerf to Gyarados and Apparent Ineffectiveness

Trainers Upset After Recent Nerf to Gyarados and Apparent Ineffectiveness

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You may think that Gyarados is the Holy Grail of first generation Pokemon since it takes 400 candies to evolve from Magikarp and it’s almost impossible to find in the wild. As coveted as the Pokemon is, there are players who believe that Gyarados is not as powerful as it should be. Reddit user AWorryingTrend explains in a thread on Silph Road:

“Right now I believe Gyarados, while being arguably one of the coolest and most difficult to evolve/catch pokemon in first generation, seems to be greatly underpowered.
The current best offensive moveset, Bite + Hydropump, is average, at best, considering Bite is inferior to Water Gun and Gyarados’s stats are inferior to Vaporeon while also having lower CP/Lvl. And since they removed the only somewhat useful quick attack in Dragon Breath and Gyarados as a defender is one of the worse high CP punching bags in the game… what’s the point in having one when I can just use Vaporeon or even something like Blastoise?
I have a 96% CP 219 Magikarp and getting close to 400 candies (I already have 2 Twister Gyarados over CP 2000), but feel like regardless of what the evolution turns out to be, I’ll be disappointed.

Basically Gyarados is no more powerful than a Vaporeon because of it’s low stats and low CP. Reddit user neomancr agreed:

“I have no idea why they nerfed him by removing dragon breath from his move set pool.”

Dragon Breath is a move that Gyarados can not learn in the original games besides the gen 2 games. HotShot888 explains that an equally effective dragon type moves would be too powerful in Pokemon Go:

“Well, gen 1 had exactly 1 dragon type move and it did static 40 damage so it’s not a very good source material for designing Pokemon Go.”

Reddit user SpongeJosh explains that many Pokemon lost the ability to learn potentially useful moves in Pokemon Go that they could learn in the original games:

  • Finally, Gyarados cannot learn Dragonbreath currently. If you remember it doing so, it was because of a TM in Gen 2 that no longer distributes that move in the present games. Gyarados does learn Dragon Ragehowever, which does not exist in PoGo and is sometimes confused with the other move.

So it’s not like all these pokemon were nerfed on purpose, it’s because someone at Niantic didn’t double check the movepools of several pokemon and they just happened to be moves that in some ways made a few more unique (better/more viable?).

I know people are kinda annoyed about Gyarados losing Dragonbreath which could in theory help its matchup with Dragonite. A possible solution could be to give it Ice Fang. Fire Fang already exists in PoGo for Arcanine, so why not add another elemental fang for a quick move?

Weezing is only other loser besides Gyarados who lost a quick move without a replacement. Why not give it something like Smog?

It may be possible that somone at Niantic neglected to double check movepools resulting in weaker Pokemon or they just don’t want a powerful Pokemon like Gyarados to steamroll every Pokemon that comes in its path. Maybe with the release of Gen 2, new movesets will be added as well. Only time will tell.

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