VIDEO: Trainer Shows Full Experience Using Pokémon Go Plus and Why You Must Get It

VIDEO: Trainer Shows Full Experience Using Pokémon Go Plus and Why You Must Get It

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Pokémon Go Plus has finally arrived and this little device can do some pretty amazing things. Not only can you use the device to collect items from Pokestops,  catch Pokémon, and track your walking distance so you can collect candies from your Buddy and hatch your eggs–without even unlocking your phone. If you want to play Pokemon Go but are tired of draining your battery, this is definitely for you.

According to Pokémon Go player Darrell Etherington, the Pokémon Go Plus is worth the money. He recently documented his experience and shared videos of the

“After only a few hours playing with the Go, I already feel like it has a good chance of pulling me back into the game, at least for a little while, and the entire experience of using it is pretty painless. The Go Plus was easy to pair with my iPhone, since it uses Bluetooth LE, and you don’t even have to leave the Go app itself to connect them.

All you have to do to pair is open Go on your device, go to the main menu (tap the Pokéball icon) and then hit Settings. There’s a new “Pokémon Go Plus” menu item provided you’re on the latest version, and then you just press the physical button on your device and tap the line item that appears in the app itself telling you it discovered the device.”

He also documented how to catch Pokémon with the device. The button glows when you encounter a Pokémon: yellow for a new Pokémon and green for a Pokémon you’ve caught before.

“When you press the button in response to these notices, it’ll either trigger the stop, getting you some items, or attempt to catch the Pokémon. This depletes your stock of regular Pokéballs by one, then has you watching for the series of white lights that tell you a catch is in progress, and hoping you’ll be notified of a successful catch with a multicolored flashing light. A red light means the Pokémon got away, and there is not chance to re-attempt capture using just the Go – you either catch the Pokémon on first try or it gets away.”

You can find more information and details on which Pokémon you’ve caught and which items you’ve collected by looking at your Journal.

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